Early on Mishka found their influences in 80's punk clothing, indie rock and heavy metal inspired streetwear. This Brooklyn based brand started as a t-shirt shop in 2003. Since their inception, Mishka has been affixing their tees, crewnecks and hats with irreverent graphics inspired by skate culture, comic books, b-movies and pop culture phenomenon. Mishka has moved forward with their design aesthetic, incorporating these themes into more options including high-quality denim, outerwear and accessories. The word Mishka means "bear cub" in Russian. The founders of Mishka, Mikhail Bortnik and Gregory Rivera were heavily inspired by a bears intelligence as well as it's aggression. Mishka clothing is for anyone with a creative sense of style who isn't looking for cookie-cutter fashion. Stay up to date with the latest Mishka drops on PLNDR.com.

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Standard Mishka The Petro Sleeveless Hoodie in Oil
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